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I'm Dianne Learned, an experimental psychologist
and educational consultant specializing in distance learning.

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About Me

I’m an experimental psychologist (PhD, Kent State) specializing in cognition, memory, and learning. For more than twenty years, I have dedicated myself to researching the variables that contribute to successful learning, and have worked on developing optimized learning plans for students of all ages. I’ve also studied and taught child development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels... Learn more


I work with families of K-12 students to create customized learning plans based on their unique situation and challenges. Each plan is tailored to the specific student and their family. It’s about understanding the strengths and limitations of each child, and providing the right tools to help them succeed. It’s also about giving families a system that allows parents to get their work done. Together, this reduces stress on the whole family...
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“Parents are expected to pull off the impossible: work full-time jobs while simultaneously ensuring that their kids stay focused on learning... it’s an exhausting cycle, and it’s a challenge for the entire family.”

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