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About me

I’m an experimental psychologist (PhD, Kent State) specializing in cognition, memory, and learning. For more than twenty years, I have dedicated myself to researching the variables that contribute to successful learning, and have worked on developing optimized learning plans for students of all ages. I’ve also studied and taught child development at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Six years ago, I transitioned from in-person courses to teaching and mentoring for online universities. During that time, I’ve served on multiple university committees tasked with improving student success in online programs. Distance learning students often mistake the more flexible schedules and ability to work from home as indicators that online coursework will be easier; the opposite is in fact true.

Dianne Headshot 2013.png
  • PhD in Experimental Psychology

  • 20 years of experience in cognition, memory, learning, and child development

  • 6 years creating plans to ensure online learning success

In addition to being a researcher and educator, I am also a parent to a school-aged child.

Like most families, ours has struggled with the challenges of distance learning since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. On a good day, our middle schooler deals with anxiety and attention issues, which can make learning difficult. These challenges are only exacerbated for any student when they’re thrust into a novel learning environment…

This is where I can help. I work with families of K-12 students to create customized learning plans based on their unique situation and challenges. Each plan is tailored to the specific student and their family. Learn more about the services I offer.

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